İztur Seyahat

İztur is a road passenger transport company. This client required a modern simple website that achieved a corporate feel with a modern look. We achieved this through one page paralax website design.

Cut & Polish

Preferred Strategies

The Man in the Van Southampton

Diller Group

Karabulut Hukuk Bürosu

Av Bulent Karabulut is a solicitor and barrister website. This particular client required a formal and professional website which provided an overview of their services. We also ensured that visitors to the website were prompted throughout to contact Av Bulent Karabulut with their enquiry.

Sarah Bridge Music Supervision

The Sarah Bridge Music Supervision project involved our bringing to life the client’s designs; we then worked to time critical milestones to ensure that the website developed both quickly and robustly.

Fowler Lawyers

Fowler Lawyers required a website that instilled instant confidence and trust with the visitors of their website. This then saw us using a muted colour palette as well as employing a clever use of imagery to ensure that the website looked and felt formal and professional whilst adding just a bit of eye catching dynamism.

Catapult Advisors

Catapult Advisors required a polished and professional website that achieved a corporate feel with a modern edge. The website we created has a focus upon Catapult’s offering and right from the homepage onwards we use animation to capture and engage visitor attention.

YBR Cake

YBR Cake is a cake baking company who wanted a website with a professional, yet glitzy edge. We achieved this through the use of a luxurious colour scheme, background music and light animation.